A task is for mainly clients of quick quick runner such as restaurants ,convenience stores ,and other small businesses that need a body or person available to perform a specific job for specific matter of time ranging from two hours to 5 hours. For example maybe a dining room attendant or dishwasher or a sign holder. This will allow the client to have a person available at any time at any location and to acquire on-the-job training without actually having to employ a person without knowledge of the job.


 A simple task performed such as left cell phone, left wallet, drop off or pick up. While some errands may only take 10 to 15 minutes others could take up to 1 hour but should not exceed an more than hour. The price for an errand will range between 8 and $25.


 Rideshare with quick quick runner can be done two ways ,one way is a flat rate which we suggest if you're going to the same place at the same time for number of days on the other hand if you're only a customer receiving a ride for one time one way we might suggest the traditional method of payment built on a geographic system.    

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